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History repeating itself is crucial to the human experience; especially in fashion where vintage is always in style. Michael Hoban’s 8- ball jacket is a trendy blast from the past that holds weight. The 8-ball design is a replica of the signature black ball used in a game of pool. Created in the 90’s, in San Francisco, the 8-ball jacket is typically made of genuine leather. Such quality was reflected in the original pricing of the luxury jacket, which sold for $775. Overtime, many manufacturers replicated the design with less expensive resources, making it more accessible. Made in an array of colors, the jacket remains timeless with its ribbed trimmings and white 8’s stitched on the sleeves and back.
This isn’t the 8-ball’s first return to the mainstream. Since it’s debut in the 90’s, 8-ball jackets reclaimed their fame in 2013 after Atlanta rapper, T.I. sported one in the music video for his record, “About the Money.” In November of 2014, a video of a man slapping a woman on a train in New York went viral. The aggressor was wearing an 8-ball jacket. Despite all the chaos, the jacket sparked the attention of many; it’s reputation untarnished. Today, Brooklyn’s very own, V.I.M., continues its role in preserving pop and hip hop culture, including the famous 8-ball jacket.
As the season changes from fall to winter, jackets become staple pieces in the wardrobe. The 8-ball jacket isn’t just a takeaway from the hit 90’s show, Seinfeld, it’s also a great, sporty, alternative to puffer jackets when it comes winter streetwear and statement pieces. However, V.I.M. manage to combine both the puffer and 8-ball design.
The V.I.M. site currently features four styles of 8-ball bubble jackets that are perfect for the winter. Each is adorned with a black faux fur hoodie and is 100% nylon. Staying true to original designs, these jackets vary in color pattern. However, their uniqueness comes from the luster and puffer appearance.

 Black White 8-Ball Bubble Jacket

The classic black and white is crisp and can be paired with many different colors; making it easy to dress up or down.

Navy Red 8-Ball Bubble Jacket

The remix to this jacket features hues of navy blue and red for a more casual look.

Yellow Solar 8-Ball Bubble Jacket

The yellow, “Solar” coat is great for a pop of color since wardrobes tend darken in the winter. The yellow is contrasted by a light grey, and the detachable black fur.

Pine Green 8-Ball Bubble Jacket

It’s safe to say V.I.M. put an end to the rarity of 8-ball jackets and have chosen to keep them attainable at a price under $100. Quality fashion within reach is definitely a win; more reason to join the trend.
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